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3060ti lhr lock

Posted lastnight about a drop on 3060ti hr card,but still not worked out.
New rig set up and only just learning…had the 3060ti lhr running on nbminer (eth) OCed and @ 41-42mhs.
Added rtx 2060 and the 3060 dropped to 22mhs.After a little playing about I got it back to around 35mhs but thing is ,it is seems unstable,bouncing between 30-38mhs and sometimes drops little below 30mhs.
Will this be software related or hardware??.
I noticed when viewing in hive shell there will be the odd warning for LHR lock detected.

Any recommendations where to look to resolve??

Just to add also just noticed the 2060 is showing PWR 0
but running @ 31mhs and seems fine??


Managed to work out the issue… so all good

What was the fix? Still working thru my own 3060ti on NBMiner, runs fine at stock 35mh/s but keeps crashing on me with OC settings…What OC settings are you applying?

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As I said I’m new and learning but hopefully this might be of use.When I set up my rig with just the 3060ti LHR I set OC as follows…mining ETH

Fan : 75 (I think could go lot lower to honest)
Core : -500
Mem : 2200
Pl : 130

Since I set like this I went from around 31mhs to currently nice steady 42


Not sure you need this info that follows but may help somebody else in future.
When I added a 2nd gpu (2060),restarted miner set OC it rather absolutely perfect @ 31mhs but 3060ti dropped ridiculously low as I said…noticed it threw out all sorts of weird stats…changed a few things that just made the 3060ti bounce higher mhs,but was all over the show with ranges up and down between 25-38mhs…the fix for this…quite simple.

Powered down
Left the 3060ti sat in same pcie slot but moved the 2060 I added to pciex16_2.

Maybe a rookie mistake bt at least I’m learning …lol

3060ti LHR @ steady 42mhs
2060 @ steady 31mhs

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Which miner are you running? I am running Lolminer and cannot get the hashrate from 31.94 MH/s to 42 with the settings you refer to.

Hi mate,

I’m running nbminer…As far as I know its the only one with LHR unlock to get more mhs.

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which nvidia driver version do you have ?

Driver - 460.91.03

Reckon I may need to update driver?
If so what’s easiest way…can it be done hiveos…can it be done in hive shell using apt update command

Cheers for reply

but you do get a nice 40+ for 3060Ti LHR don’t you ?

Yeah I was doing before updating to latest nbminer.
But since update as you can see constant drops of power and mhs is bouncing all over the place.
Tried trexminer as well and same results if not worse…May get 10 minutes tops @43mhs and major drops

you did not try rolling back nbminer version ?

I can’t see to find a good combination to get my 3060Ti LHR sweet 40+ spot, and I tried a lot of combinations !

Yeah tried rolling back,same results…all over the show…just wish I’d not upgraded now…lol.

Just added pictures …but yeah before update nice constant 41mhs

Tried 39.3 nbminer, 460.91.03 drivers, no oc setting at all, cards gets lock all the time, average at 30MH/s, so 50% of the 60+ a non LHR does, so nbminer lhr unlock does not work at all.
Will retry with newer drivers

try that. using latest gminer i believe its 2.70

that is an aurous gaming trio

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