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3060ti LHR ERGO

Hello, any recommendations for ergo?
I use theses settings, looking forward for suggestions.

usually its best to use absolute numbers fore core clocks . for instance 1050 or 1100 core clock value.

I have no idea…
Iver added 3060Ti LHR into 3060 non lhr, and all fucked up. I was forced to update driver(460.39->465.31), and now im getting 74mhas ERGO on 3060, and 95mhash on 3060Ti

yeah this shit happens because the 3060 “non LRH” is non lhr just on driver 460.39.

So the only solution is to seprate those GPU`s ??
LHR and non LHR in seprated rigs … :confused:

There should be a solution to this problem, I dunno how but there has to be a way to download different drivers on different cards. Maybe it is possible to divide one rig in two separate farms.

the problem comes from the OS whether it is linux or windows or whatever. you get installed only one driver at a time for the makers , Nvidia or AMD. you cant have many drivers working at once because the Os doesnt know how to handle it. So when you install a driver, all GPUs use the same one to work.

As rklulov said, sorry - no chance.

Ill try to downgrade driver, 460.84 is downloading now... Any other hints ??? If it wont help, ill download/install 460.91 :confused:

EDIT: 460.84 recognize 3060ti LHR, but my 3070 working there nicly wont work…

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