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3060ti Issues


I’ve recently picked up another 3060ti and it seems to have issues getting decent hash rate and stability

I’m using Ethminer, mining NicehashEthash.

Runs fine for about an hour, then invalids show up. The other 3060ti I have has no issues at higher OCs


Is this a gigabyte oc pro version?

In that case you have to lock the core speed manually to limit the power consumption

Alright, I think you actually mentioned that in a 3070 chat recently. Using the ‘run_command’ function to set the clock to 915 or something like that?

I just got the card second hand, but it came with the box, so I will check to see what it is and might be asking you for more advice in the near future :slight_smile:

Yes correct.

I have both Gigabyte 3060ti OC and Gigabyte 3060ti OC PRO. The OC PRO version is a strange one, because it doesn’t listen to the power limit… see this thread

The box says that it is the gaming oc pro. I’ve got the absolute core clock set to 1360 as a recommendation from anther thread. It looks ok for now but it’s only been 30 minutes so I’ll be keeping an eye on it

Looks like it didn’t take. Power consumption was good, but the invalids showed up after an hour, like they have been. I think the issue is Ethminer, as I don’t have this problem on T-Rex but can’t run T-rex while mining Nicehash Ethash

Maybe lowering men speed to 2300 will help?
I also read that putting a delay of 120sec before applying the oc setttings can help in some cases

Yeah I saw that too. I’ve got a 90 sec delay on OCs, and had it for a while. I might just have to keep playing with it. Temps look fine, even at 47 core the mem wouldn’t get out of control. I’ll just keep going down 50 mem at a time until invalids stop showing up, too bad that’ll put my hash rate under 60.

I’ve been looking around for someone using Gminer to weigh in. It sounds like if you aren’t using Phoenix or T-Rex there isn’t a lot of info out there

Well, looks like I might just have a bad card. Been slowly reducing the OC settings but after about an hour each time, it starts to throw invalids.

These settings are on the conservative side from what I’ve read so the invalids make no sense

Too bad. I don’t see this at my rig with the OC pro.

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