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3060ti Founder Rig Temp issues

I just finished building my first rig and I have run into a heating issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have changed OC settings, went from T. Rex to Phoenix, etc. I actually did worse on Phoenix than on T.Rex. Got a ton of invalid shares pretty quickly from Phoenix and had none from T.Rex. Could it be my cards are too close together on the rig? I’m lost at this point to be honest. I’m hitting 65-70 degrees on 4 cards. 1 is holding 55-57 and one is 68-70 degrees. The other 3 are going from 62-66 degrees.
Those are the temps I’ve been dealing with. Below is my rig. Running off USB on a 1600w EVGA. The card that is circled is the one getting into the 70s. Hit 72 about 30 mins ago so I shut it down until I figure this temp issue out.

Thanks for any help

You need to tell us what kind of cards do you have, drivers etc.

3060ti Founders Edition.
465 drivers newest Nvidia drivers, updated this morning from 460. Had the same issues with the 460 drivers. Latest Hive update as well. Need anything else?
BTC H110 MOBO, i3 7100 CPU and WaveShare 7in screen.

Screen from hive panel would be nice, where clocks, pl and stuff could be seen.
li this

sorry, have nothing else to show fast :stuck_out_tongue:

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This was the last shot I took before I took it offline when GPU #O went to 72 degrees. I was on Phoenix in this photo and just went from 2300/-502/55 fan/125PL on T Rex.

If you prefere using phoenix, use “-ttli 70 -tt 67” comand - it`s gonna cut off mining at 70degres, and try to keep 67 deg. at GPU with auto fan spin.
If T-rex is the option, please use autofan

Thashould work nice, if not, read below…read below anyways :smiley:
Try Absolute core clock - set 1100/2000/PL 0.
Consider driver downgrade to 455 or 460 something.

Got home, switched the hot card (GPU 0) to GPU 1 slot and GPU 1 to GPU 0 slot. Switched back to T.Rex and the new card in the “hot slot”(GPU 0) was holding at 62. The hot card in the GPU 1 slot was holding at 57.Tried ACC setting and now these are my current temps. I’m going to switch out the riser, cable and all on the hot card and change the slot. Do some cable management, spread them further apart and see if I can’t get it a bit cooler.

Lost a bit of m/h but my cards health and longevity is far more important. I’ll update is the riser switch lowers temps further.

If you wont to hold 60*C max and 65% fan speed - you`ve got it best now.

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