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3060ti errors

Hi, Im new in this forum, and new in the crypto mining…

I have a rig with 2 3060ti right now, but I cant mine, I have this error:

-Nvidia OC Failed
-Gpu drivers error, no temps

Im trying to update drivers with the hiveos console, but I cant…
Im mining in the ethermine pool, with the ethminer, I tried to use phoenix, but the

-3060ti Zotac
-3060ti Gygabyte 3fans

Hi, you probably need to update your nvidia drivers to the latest version. Hope this helps. Also, you don’t need to overclock the core clock speed since Eth is memory intensive. My settings for my rtx 3060ti is -500 core 2250 mem and 120 pl and the hashrate is 60.8Mh/s.

Today I had the same problem after massive overclocking. (get [email protected]/-502/3500)
System crash, and after rebooting, and oc failed with two card from the five all the time. I solve te problem turn off the power, and changed PCIE slots.
I have the same temp problems from the beginnings. Once happend: one card fans not started after reboot, there was no temp data, and start overheating. wft?

You should de-activate the integrated GPU on the mother board.

Your core OC should be negative value (- 500) and not +500.

Run the fans at 75 %.

Use T-Rex to mine Eth.

That was what I did and it worked! Thanks!
Now I’m trying to get fewer errors :frowning:

And I dont know why my 3060ti gigabyte have a poor hash rate.

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