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3060ti BEST OC Settings Please advise

Hello everyone,
I have 3060 TI and would like to ask what would be best OC settings for these.
Currently, the hash rate hovers ~40 MHs for Eth mining.

switch to locked core clocks, remove power limit, and raise memory as high as is stable. some hynix doesnt like much higher than where youre at, some will do 3000. test each one individually, and make sure to use T-Rex miner if youre not already.

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so rry i am very new to this, how to switch to core clocks?
Can i leave the power limit empty ?

yep empty or 0 will do the same thing, any value above 500 is treated as a locked core clock. for lhr cards a good starting point is 1500mhz

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I am crrently at 70% mining eth on nbminer so will wait until it hits 100%, after that i will move to TRex miner with new settings.
I have heard its more profitable to mine ERGO so i will mine once after i reach eth threshold for payout.

70% of what?

works for me on trex - ETH

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Here is my OC config:

Also, you might find this topic helpful if you go through it.

-500 2700 130