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3060 TI version drivers and low hash

I have a problem with my new Palit 3060 TI Dual LHR …

the card is not recognized with drivers 470.86 and his name is “Device 2414” and his hash is oly 32 Mhs …

With drivers 510.X she is well known like a 3060 TI but his hash is the same … 32 mhs …

Please help
Do you have an idea ?
Other cards work fine…

Thanks you

Use locked core clocks instead

Same problem with lock core : 1350 / 2200 …
Drivers 510.54

the new card likely has the same lhr tech as the 12gb 3080 and 3050, so that may be all you are able to get for now until the mining devs update their miners.

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:hot_face: maybe flash possible with a bios from another manufacture ?

i dont think that will help, but you are welcome to try and report your findings.

I don’t have an explanation but it works with LOLminer
Not with Trex …
Not with Nbminer …
Not with PhoenixMiner
Only with Lolminer

yeah because lolminer has a more developed lhr unlock for the newest version of cards (3080 12gb and 3050) if yours has the same lhr tech, then that makes sense.

very cool, i use both !
each his card :rofl:

thanks for the help

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Switch back to locked core clocks and no power limit, but whenever you see a trex or other miner update about 3080 12gb or 3050 unlock that should work on your card too

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Sorry for high-jacking this thread, do you know if the devs of various miners have now unlocked the rate further than 75%, if yes to how much approximately, i have one 3060 lhr (not the nerfed one) and i want to know if i should bother introducing it in my rig. Thanks in advance !

75% or so is the max on eth alone currently

turn off all your Clocks on the card and lower the Watts to the lowest they can go, which should be 100W. After allowing it to run for a sec, restart the rig and reset all clocks. This is what helped me.

I’ve same problem, and I swtiched from t rex to LOL, and the hashrate increase from 31 to 42. Thanks

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