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3060 TI MSI Gaming x not up to full speed

hi i have a 3060TI msi card here and i ocd for 2 hours and tried every miner it still does not increase the mining speed (noticeable point is the power consumption is always at 124w and cannot be increased ) what should I do ?? i am planning to change bios but i don’t know which bios to install please help me

a couple things
-dont use a core offset, just wastes power and is harder on the card. instead use a locked core clock, usually a 3060ti around 1400mhz is the sweet spot.
-update to the latest hiveos to run the latest miner version, youre using an old one that has some bugs.

id reccomend using lolminer, trex or gminer instead as they all do a bit better than nbminer currently.

the goal is to find the highest stable mem clock and the lowest locked core clock that maintains full hashrate.


It is very hard to find good OC to this card.

You can get over 60 hashrate with Zotac bios. but efficiency is little lower. Hiveos reported 94w but over 140 at wall.

With original bios I got about 53-54Mh with core 1200-1260 and mem 600-860.

I’m having the same exact issue. Any luck? Hashrate goes up after flashing, but card malfunction after reboot.

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