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3060 TI LHR.. are these memory clocks safe?

before this new overclock I was at 60.36 mhs, 40C, 115 WATTs with 2600 memory clock…
in this picture you can see my new results, are they safe to run with the higher memory clock??
thank you.

i personally wouldn’t run them that high. ive seen quite a few hynix v2 3060ti die from similar clocks after a few months. i keep mine around 2600-2800 but the choice is yours on how hard to push them

yea I deffinetly don’t want that! I 100% would rather be safer than sorry. so to summarize your saying pushing them past 3000 memory would be pushing them too hard.

you wont know whats too hard until it stops working. and it likely will take a while. but for waht its worth my day 1 3060tis have been going at 2600ish mem without issue.

you thinking going past 2600 memory clock is “adding more stress” cause the more I add the more MHz I get. trying to find a balance in terms of safety as well.

how about my setting?this safe for me?

Switch all to locked core clocks, no power limits. Use the core clock to control power draw

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