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3060 ti lhr / 3070 lhr / 3070 ti lhr

Hello boys and girls. What do you recommend for ravencoin and ergo? I researched as much as I could and if at first I was inclined towards 3060ti lhr, due to lack of data I reached 3070 LHR, but then I saw some data here on the forum (and youtube) about 3070 ti lhr and I lean towards the last one. I will try mining as a hobby, and on this occasion I also change my video card and I would not want to buy it for games.

We have to accept that we live in a world with LHR cards at a price where I don’t have to sell a kidney

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The old non LHR are still better in my opinion. Ive been finding non LHR on Craigslist pretty reasonable.

In Europe we don t have craigslist. And NON LHR are like 400 euro more, new. I m thinking in future, after eth 2.0

I would say watch YouTube videos and see which ones people get the best efficiency out of.

I m in process of collecting data. I was sure to go for 3060ti lhr (because is cheaper)but I saw people having trouble with revcoin. Now, 3070 and 3070 ti (lhr) are more expensive, but at the same price. I can get only one card

if you buy for example 3060ti lhr you will get max 22mh on raven.
that happened to me.
even they said that lhr its limited to eth only, that is not quite true, it affects other coins.

For example, they said that with 3060ti you can get on raven 28 mhs, but you cant, you will get max 22
for 3070 and 3070ti they said you will get 31 mhs, but you won’t. if you get 25 mhs you will be happy.
so, comparing prices, 3060ti its cheaper and mhs difference is not so big comparing with 3070

Hi, someone replied on youtube, for raven: “My 3060Ti LHR model is Palit Dual. It can achieve 31-33 mhs. I keep at 31.46 mhs at core 1450 mem 3000 pl 170.” What card and settings you have?

I get around 39 on each of my 2 3070TIs on RVN

I have been running them at 40.44MH but they where running a bit too hot


Thank you for sharing your experience with 3070 ti. I also set my eyes on GeForce RTX 3070 Ti AMP! Holo LHR, but those at teachpowerup are “scared” by how noisy it is and the fact that it is still hot, plus consumption over the other 3070ti. What power suply do you use? GPUs have spikes, that zotac model has 392W (20ms)

I don’t think they are that noisy. My 2080 Super are more noisy.

I have a 1250w PSU which should cover spikes and HiveOS looses the OC settings. I also have monitoring of power built in the outlet and if the outlet exceeds 1000W it will send me a notification and 5 minutes after that power down the system incase power is still exceeding 1000W.

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Omg, thats awful efficiency…Power consumption is ridiculous.
Screw those Tis

I’m not paying for electricity :wink:

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Im taking about the majority. 99.9% of miners pay for electric. These cards suck for 99.9 % of us.
And more watts means more heat which means more wear and tear on ur GPU. So they suck still Even with free power.

Dont be so sensitive. Hearing the truth can hurt sometimes

for god sake my 3070ti use 130w, why you have 240+ ?

What are you mining and what OC settings?

i use gigabyte 3060ti oc 8 gb
core 100
mem 2000
i got max 23
i tried your oc, result is the same.

If you have a higher profit, consuming more energy, why not? Question: Have you seen my comment with the settings for 3060 ti lhr used by someone who mines with 31.46 mhs?

Oh, they are different cards, I have 3070TIs and mining RVN at around 40MHs. You have a bit higher efficiency than me