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3060 nvidia driver issue [460.39]

I’m comming from this video: How to Unlock RTX 3060 Ethereum Hashrate in HiveOS with MiniZ Miner - YouTube
A few days ago I bought 2 EVGA RTX 3060 V1 GPU to start mining. I know it’s an LHR card but based on that video I thought I can get 40 Mh/s.
I have the same card with a same P/N (12G-P5-3657-KR), but for some reason I can’t downgrade my nvidia driver to 460.39 on HiveOS. I tried on the console and using remote control with nvidia-driver-update --list and after select 460.39 (with and without maintanace mode), even with the run command on HiveOS dashboard.
After the install procces ends, and I reboot the machine and start the service, I get a “failed to allocate nvkmskapidevice” error in the console and it gets stuck and is in the loop.


  • Motherboard: ASUS Z370-P
  • CPU: i3-8100
  • 2x8 GB RAM
  • PSU: 550W
  • HiveOS [0.6-209@210906] on 120 GB SSD
  • 2x RTX 3060

I have no idea what I did wrong, please help me.
Thank you!

How much are you getting with it? I’m also new, started this weekend, I have two of them they are making about 33 or 34 MH each one, they sum up between 67 and 68 MH. I also was unable to downgrade to that nvidia driver version.

I have them, relatively stable, with the following configuration I found in another thread.

Fan: 80
Core: -502
Mem: 2600
PL: 120


Found the issue!
This card is not a V1 but a V2. EVGA KR number not means the V1 anymore. I checked my card with GPU-Z and the PCI number is 2504. If you read this and planning to buy a KR card, don’t do it!

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