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3060 lolminer Hashrate drop

Hi all…
I have 2 3060s installed driver 460.39 hash rate was fine @ 38MH/s now droped to more than half. See photo.
Any Idea how to fix it?

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Im getting same issue at 25 mhs

restart the rig, it happened to me too
restart - fixed it - back to 35-36mh

Thank tried it and work.

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Im noticing the same thing after 1-2 days the power drops and the HR drops from 37ish to about 25ish…
I have a absolute core of 1470

but when it drops the power drops down i the 80s. I have to reboot the rig for it to come back at 37HR and normal wattage. It seems LOLMiner has a little more work to do :wink:

So i just started using the watchdog and it restarts the LOLminer after about 2 days or so as every 2 days it droped the HR and Watts… so a reboot of the miner gets it going for another 2 days… so on a so forth like clock work alsomost…

Core 200
Mem 2600
PL 110

Drivers 460.39

So you are not using a absolute core clock setting… is it stable? What’s the temps?

55° 62° aprox

Check this video help you

mem is really high i think…

Did you change the OC settings
RTX 3060 XC OverClock Settings
Core Clock/Absolute Core Clock: -150
Memory Clock: 2700
Fan: 70%
Power Limit: 120

this is applicable for V1 cards not for V2 (aka 2504) , in a nutshell card supported driver hack (460.39)

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