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3060 lock after update 0.6-204@210704

Hi, Before update 210704 my 3060 work at 37MH, now, after the update my 3060 go to 21MH.

I have the correct driver 460.39 (i have try to reinstall, but no result).
I have try to downgrade, but the 3060 was locked at 21MH (i have try 3-4 downgrade… but no result).

No way to return at 37MH…

Can you help me?

SOLVED: For really downgrade the, in flightsheet is necessary to select the version of lolminer (1.29 work good for me).

I don’t delete this topic to help those who have had the same problem as me.

thank you.

You card is LHR version and lolminer had some 75% boost tweak thats why you have 30+. But if you want to mine something else like Ergo you will get around 100 MH/s maybe abot more in lrofit than mining ETH at 37 MHs

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