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3060 LHR v2 on Ergo, Huge Hashrate Drops and Low Hash Rate

Hi guys, I got 4 x 3060 LHR v2 cards. Two are Zotac Twin Edge OC and two are MSI Ventus x2.

My current setting is:
Fan 70,
Core -242/-500
Mem 2700
PL 114

One of the Zotac card stay around 60-70MH. The other Zotac card goes to 116, drops to 114 within few minutes and suddenly drops to 38MH…

Both of my MSI cards seem to run stable at 115-116.

Can anybody help me? What’s causing the huge drop? How can I make both zotac cards to run at about 100-110?

N driver 460.91.03
Running on Herominers pool > NBMiner

One of the zotac card will always start with around 73mh… Whereas other 3 at 110+ to begin with… Why is that? They are using the same oc settings. I did also try some other settings but still low hashrate…

have u resolve the problem?

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