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3060 lhr v2 gigabyte hynix memory (Overclock settings for ergo, flux, etc and rvn) HELP!

Hi, I´m not good at doing oc. Can you help me with getting oc settings for flux, ergo, etc and rvn?
I have a 3060 lhr v2 gigabyte with hynix gddr6.

find out what the algo likes, core, mem, or both. then fine tune from there.

if its a mem heavy algo, find the highest stable mem that gives you highest hashrate.
if its a core heavy algo, find the lowest core that gives you full hashrate, this will likely be on the higher end of the gpus capability, but there are usually diminishing returns for the last few percentage. find your happy spot with hashrate and power.

if its both, do both together.