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3060 lhr v2 460.39 driver warning

i installed 460.39 linux driver for lhr v2 cards as recommended by miniz miner and it took all the cards down and corrupted my os, would not even boot with error “nvtool error”

i had to make a new bootable usb and update drivers to latest version to recover. still on rvn, miniz nor nbminer new versions seemed to help, although it pushed 1 3060 i have up from 27 mh to 34 mh. strange that it is exactly the same model (msi gaming x 3060)

it looks like some progress is being made but we maybe some months off before any real decent gains are made with breaking lhr v2. i wouldn’t recommend updating to 360.39 if you have this card, some other models of 3060 may work…

That driver version does not work on 460.39

Okay so look after hours of testing this is what I have found out.

LOLminer and MiniZminer with earlier drivers do not work LHR v2 cards. Only v1. You cannot mix v1 and v2 and get 37M/h as far as I can tell. v1 cards need to be on one miner and v2 need to be on another. But issue is v1 miner uses earlier drivers to get the M/h spike and v2 uses latest drivers. Its honestly frustrating.

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