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3060 Hynix GDDR6 VRAM Temps

Hey All First time post,

Does anyone know if there is a problem seeing RTX 3060 Hynix GDDR6 Vram temperatures?
Noticed after updating to the latest version of Hive, 3080’s and other Nvidia cards now show core and vram temp. However, all my 3060 Hynix GDDR6 cards don’t show Vram temperatures?

Sorry if this is a redundant question, couldn’t find an answer on miner or this form. wanted to see if anyone saw the same thing? Just odd all Nivida cards i have show both temps and just this one (which isn’t even a gddr6x memory) is having issues.

Any thoughts?

only gddr6x temps are shown for ampere cards. some miners will show the junction temp in the miner console (like lolminer) but gddr6 memory doesnt get hot enough for it to matter either way.


Awesome thank you!!
was worried about 3060 temps since i couldn’t see them. But if they don’t get hot enough i may be stressing for no reason.

yeah its a non issue.

Is it possible to add the Vram for trouble shooting & record keeping? Some cards need to be re-padded and may over heat if it’s getting to hot, or perhaps using temps for longevity of mining equipment ?? Thanks.

It’s a hardware/driver limitation

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