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3060 8gb Hynix rvn setting

Hi, I wanted to undermine rvn with 3060 8gb hynix, but with the indications I found, i.e. T-rex - 200-2200-140 the maximum I get is 14MH. What can I change? Thank you

Check for basic settings, tune from there

yes in fact the parameters that I put I took them from the site … and it seems impossible to me that it can only do 14MH with 140w when a 6600xt does 17MH with almost 70 w

Did you check the efficiency tables? AMD dominates Raven leaderboard for efficiency:

yes ok, it’s that for the 3060 they give at least 22MH, it’s enough for me to know if I can get here with my gpu… now I’m at 0.1Mh/W

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