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3060 3070 issue

Hi guys, fairly new to mining to start things off. I’m trying to run a 4 gpu rig using the Asus prime Z390-P MoBo with a 1200W power supply. I got as far as getting 2 of my asus dual 3060ti cards to work in the first 2 risers and tried installing my 3rd asus dual 3060ti but the system didn’t recognize it. After some messing around I took out the original two cards and put them to the side and tried just running the 3rd 3060ti and still nothing. I tested all the risers and they seem to work with the first 2 graphics cards. I then thought to myself maybe the 3rd GPU was just junk. I proceeded to then test my 3070 on all the slots and by itself. Still nothing. So far I’ve “Selfupdated” and that didn’t seem to have an effect.

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What Nvidia driver do you have? 455.45.01 or the 460 Version?
Updating to the latest Hiveos version sometimes complicates the issues, i updated recently and i had to revert back to an older Beta version 0.6-188 and then installed the N 455.45.01 driver.

Try connecting all your GPU’s on the rig (don’t worry about the system not detecting them) , then downgrade to the prefferred Hiveos version and then update your drivers to N 455.45.01 and reboot your rig. Remember to unset your flight sheet before starting to avoid interruptions.

Hope this helps

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