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3060/3060ti/3070/3080 invalid shares using Phoenixminer FIX!

Recently I’ve managed to get hold of a few 3070’s and have added them to my rig; only to realise that I was getting a lot of invalid shares.
At first I thought it was my overclock settings, but this wasn’t the case.
There is a bug with phoenix miner and the listed cards where if the overclocks are applied before the DAG file has loaded you’ll see a lot of invalid shares.
To fix this issue apply a delay of approx 40 seconds to your overclocks(this gives the DAG file enough time to load up)before being applied.
All credit goes to Rabid Mining. Here’s a link to the video to explain in full detail:3060/3070/3080 Stop Using PhoenixMiner These 2 Miners Finally Fixed The DAG Issue


Thank you! I created my account just to say this :smiley:


Phoenixminer sucks, use t-rex miner for nvidias, I have 0 invalids.

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I assume you’d need to also delay your miner too? I’m running too many GPUs with a single pcie cable I don’t want stock wattage to burn them

I have Invalid Shares on T-Rex too, but not so many, only a few 5 by 10000 and so on, could it be that your Fix is also possible on T-Rex ?

The delay doesn’t affect the power limit. Power limit is activated from the begin. So too much power should not be an issue

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For me there are 0 invalids , but 50 stales in 24 hour period. That is 0.35% of my shares are stales. Is there a workaround to minimise/ eliminate these stale shares.

confirmed, that on 3060 this is not working
using phoenixminer
right away i got 1 invalid share…any other ideas?

Not all heroes wear capes… Thanks a lot!!!

True. I use TRex miner and I tried the 40 sec delay as well as no delay at all … I am getting invalid shares, no matter what i do. Did you find a solution?
Thanks a lot…

This worked like a charm for my invalid shares. Thanks!

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