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3060 12GB - Blackscreen after downgrade to 460.39

Ive just finished building my rig yesterday and installed HiveOS.
Im running: 3x MSI RTX 3060 12GB
Everything is running smoothly out of the box.
But Im not happy with the power consumption of the GPUs.
So Ive tried some recommended settings.
The problem is, all settings Ive tried (and those were many) lead to way worse performance compared to stock/default. On top of that, the cards are quite fragile in regards of stability. I had so many system freezes and was forced to undo the changes.

But now to my acutal issue:
Ive read in some threads, that it is really important to run the nvidia dirver version 460.39.
The problem is, that if I downgrade and reboot the system, it is running into a blackscreen and becomes unreachable (f.e. via hive shell). I also followed the following step by step guide from No0bMiNer: Click
At that point the system is unrecoverable and I have to reflash the M2 SSD again.
Ive tried HiveOS 0.6-208@210818 and 0.6-209@210831

Has anybody encountered the same issue?

Same situation. Did you solve the issue?

If your card is a 3060 gen 2 u can’t use 460.39 cause internal ID 2504 (aka LHR V2) is not recognized !