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3060 0 megahash

Hello So I have a download D1800 motherboard. I then plug in my 3060 and it just doesnt mine. It rarely shows 1 megahash but most of the time it shows nothing. Can anyone help?

It also shows error code
=== GPU 0, 08:00.0 GA106 [GeForce RTX 3060 6GB] 12053 MB, PL: 100 W, 170 W, 170 W === 21:02:47
SET POWER LIMIT: 170.0 W [Unknown Error]
Max Perf mode: 4

update---- I put the rig into maintenance mode without loading drivers then did shell in a box and “miner start”. This actually turned my 3060 on and mined at 35mh. I then put in another 3060 and it did the same aswell. I then put a 1060 and none of them were detected. I dont know what is wrong if someone has the same issue please reply.

solved by updating drivers a fuck ton of times

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