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30 Series Cards and BTC37 Motherboard

I have only been mining 4 months so a complete noob. Just got a 3060Ti LHR card and struggled to find any info on getting it to work with my board and set up - with a lot of info saying it wouldn’t work.

Well, I got it yesterday and plugged it in via a riser - the system recognised it but it wouldn’t mine and made the rest of the system act funny.

I updated to 435.61 drivers, plugged it back in and am now mining with no problems! So in a nutshell, make sure your system is up to date, use risers (BTC37 board only supplied 1x lane which won’t give enough power to the card but using a riser provides 16x lanes) and you can use 3060 Ti with your BTC37 board! Hope this helps someone with limited experience like myself.