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30% Bonus

I want to pay for Hive to receive %30 bonus. But I will be adding one or two 12xcard rigs w sry month. How do I ensure I can get the discount when adding new rigs later? Provide examples please - I’m kinda dumb

As laid out here: Prices and Packages

As long as you have had a paid farm for the past 14 days and send 3 months worth of funds you will receive the bonus. In the “Your funds” tab it should show you the minimum amount you need to send in order to qualify. Keep in mind if you add more miners your minimum to send in order to get the bonus will be higher as your daily cost will also be higher.

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Thank you for your reply. I will do that

I have been sending funds to farm balance. Does it matter which I send the amount to - your funds - or farm balance

doesnt matter as long as its to an address for your account