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3 RXT gpus in a single 1000w psu

Hello guys

My setup is:

  • 1 mining motherboard with 12 pci-e ports ( this one )

  • intel celeron G3900 2.80GHz

  • 4gb ram ddr4

  • 11 gainward phoenix rtx3080 non-lhr

  • 1 asus tuf gaming rtx3070ti lhr

  • 4 evga 1000gq 1000w ( this one )

I’m running nbminer ethash with the 3080 and t-rex octopus with 3070 lhr

Each GPU are limited to 230w and them are running at 55ºC max

I’m trying to use 3 GPUS for each PSU (1 psu is with 3 gpus and motherboard)

But my rig everytime shows “gpu driver error, no temps”

What am I doing wrong? Will I have problems with my PSUs?

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