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3 RTX 3070 can use one 850Gold plus PSU?

Hi Miners,
I’m new and beginning currently mining with 2 RTX 3070 and using 850GOLD PLUS PSU, with ryzen5 3600 and 16gb ram, with NvSSD, so was wondering can I still use this PSU for 3 RTX 3070? I know that i cant use them in normal condition, but what if i use with OC and power under 130W each?
The third one is coming soon,
Thanks a lot.

This should be fine, im running 2 3070 and one 3060ti (390w) of a 750w psu which also powers the motherboard.

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Great Thanks man,

Appreciate it.

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No problem! Here are my stable OC’s.

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Beautiful, :wink:

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