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3 miners?

I have a mix rig some ati 580 cards some 1070 cards.
would like to run eth and eqi and also would like to run some cpu cryptonightv7 is there a way to do this. like can i log in and manually do this?
Currently rig is doing this running windows like hiveos would rather use hive if possible.

HiveOS support only feature calling “Second miner”

Devs of HiveOS says - No plans to support third, fourth, fifth etc miner.
So, you can do it manually like in windows, but stats will be only for two of three miners.
Another words two miners will be under control of HiveOS and all others miners to themselves

Ok, is there a easy way to manually run the xmr-stak software in a shell?
Like a video or a write up on how to do it? I don’t really need the to have the hiveos stats website show me 3rd, I can check it from the other end.
I have a limited amount of linux knowledge. I managed to jimmy rig my freenas server to run xmr-stak in a jail

Seems charging prem prices going over 3 rigs but not allowing a 3rd miner kind of limited, which is a shame as I love the rest of the OS and would pay for it and use it for all my rigs if I could

There it’s no point for discuss.
Сommercial rigs, as a rule, doesn’t need to separate and launch even two of the miners, not to mention three, four, and so on
Speaking for the function “second miner” it was introduced for the convenience of home miners for which HiveOS for free.

Some links maybe can help (if video doesn’t)