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3 gpu 0.1$ Auto Pay Why?

As far as I know, if you have 4 or more workers [graphics cards] working, you will be automatically charged.

But now

Number 1 graphics card1 [방]

Number 2 graphics card2 [RTX02]

are working.

Daily service usage -0.05 USD13:00, November 6, 2022 -0.05 USD

Non-Hiveon pool equipment 1.482641

I was getting paid every day since this day.

Recently, I saw a message saying that the automatic payment could not be made and realized that it was.

I want to know what caused the automatic payment to continue.

Estimated daily cost based on active workers, including discount
Type Amount Daily cost Price
Rigs non Hiveon pool 1.875 $0.19 $3
Rigs that mine Hiveon pool coins on other pools

What pool are you using for rvn?

I’m using pool-2miners, miner-nbminer

To stay on the free tier you need to mine coins offered by hiveon pool (rvn, etc, kas) to hiveon pool, or mine any other coins. if you mine etc, rvn or kas to any other pool you will be charged the normal gpu rig rate

Info is here Prices and Packages