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2x GTX 1060 crashes after 10-12 hour

Hi, i am using hiveos since 2 weeks. firstly i used 2 gpu on my rig RTX 2060 and GTX 1060. Rig was mining perfectly but after 10 hours crashed first gpu on my rig. I connected first gpu on my motherboards pci e x16 and other card connected with riser. I tried all ways reduced core and memory clocks but did not work. when i started t-rex mining perfectly but after 10 hours i got this message ‘‘GPU 0 can’t get power for gpu error code #15’’ and it was states my RTX 2060. I also tried with original values of rtx 2060 but crashed again. I raised power limit normally i used lowest 125W but i tried 130-140-150 but crashes. I thought maybe card has some problems and connected my gtx 1060 from my case. I tried on 1060 but again it crashed (i tried same solutions on gtx 1060 but nothing changed). I thought again maybe my psu doesnt work well i changed my psu and i connected to one on one. 500 w 80+ psu to GTX 1060 gaming x and other 500 w none 80+ to GTX 1060 ZOTAC MINI. As i said i get ‘‘GPU 0 can’t get power for gpu error code #15’’ this error and i tried change other miner software Phoenixminer and crashes again with Phoenixminer rebooting. Gminer Warn high load avarage. And i think this is important when i get error message on t-rex all of my cards crashing 00/00 kh/s. I am mining ethereum. I reduced all of my cards overclock and i got those messages again.Also miner restarting doesnt work just rebooting works.And i tried on my case rtx 2060,gtx 1060 with windows works with no crashes with overclock or noneoverclock. What should i do thanks for your replying.



P7H55-M LX ASUSTeK Computer INC. (0406 06/18/2012)


4 × Intel® Core™ i3 CPU 540 @ 3.07GHz

Disk Model

SanDisk Ultra 15.4GB

RAM 1 X 2 GB DDR 3 1066 MHZ


Any support guys ?

i fixed. probably my motherboards pcie x16 has power issue. i connected with riser from x16. and works well.


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