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2x 5700XT Power Color BIOS mod, different Hash rates

I have a 2x Power Color 5700 XT, 1 is a red devil. I BIOS modded both of them and only the Red Devil got the real boost from BIOS update. Is there something I need to change or is this just silicone lottery?

“Silicone lottery” is when you win a set of DDD implants.

Silicon lottery isn’t going to cause a 52MH/s hashrate at 42C core/70C mem… it’s probably just your BIOS mod. ANY 5700XT should be able to hit 55MH/s with a few tweaks.

You need to try something different with the non-Red Devil … I’m sure you can bump the straps up (or lower them) to improve your hashrate.

I’ve also never seen a BIOS show as “111”… did you flash both cards with the same BIOS? Since both cards are technically different, you should probably have modded them separately. I sure hope you saved the stock BIOS’s before you messed with them.

i modded them separately. Took both their BIOS and updated them, I’m new to mining so I’m not sure what needs to be changed to get the hash rate up to 55.

What process did you follow to mod the BIOSes?

I followed this video,
Took BIOS from Hive then edited and then put it back on for each GPU
It worked for the 1 5700xt but not the other

If you used the 1550 strap on the card, try the next lower strap (1250) and see if it’ll mine stable at stock frequency. Your card might be using more conservative timings and require a little more prodding to get to 55mhs

Got it to work now. I tried the 1250 and higher but the card didn’t turn on. I redid the 1550 and higher and it worked.

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