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2nd miner goes sleeping / standby / hybernating when 1st miner crashes / freezes

Only thing they share is the same internet and same version of hiveos. All else is independent

When 1st rig dies for whatever reason, 2nd rig goes sleeping. When 1st is restarted, 2nd awakes, we don’t need to do anything with 2nd rig beside restarting the first.

All components are less than 4mo old.

Might have something to do with master/slave config or something similar but we don’t know if this exist even is the right nomenclature, just an idea I had.

Also nothing similar on this forum by searching for keyword so any help is welcome :slight_smile:


Screenshot by Lightshot >> images of sleeping miner

I’ve experienced similar issue, but don’t know cause. Second rig can’t seem to find server (hive), but once 1st rig is rebooted. Second rig starts hashing again. Didn’t make images. :frowning: Don’t have a solution.

how are they configured in HiveOS web UI?

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