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2miners error - Authorization on Stratum Server Failed


I followed this guidance:

I created the wallet and that address has three formats it seems Default, Compatibility and Legacy.

But no matter what I do I get the authorization error all the time.

There was no eth-pool.bat either, only an ethw-pool.bat which I used. That fails so I hand created an eth-pool.bat (by seeing what that article had in its eth-pool.bat file) but it just fails always.

I found very few mentions of this problem too, so it seems its very uncommon.

Any ideas?


PS: That article describes how the mining is for etherium with the paid returns being in Bitcoin, so I was puzzled as to whether the expected wallet address should be a bitcoin or etherium address - frankly I don’t even know what questions to ask!

Eth is no longer mineable since September 2022, you’d need to check 2miners documentation for what pools are still available to mine to and get paid in bitcoin.