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2FA authenticator never validates

For a few days I haven’t been able to always worry about my rig, I thought it would be something from you(hive os), and apparently it is.

I have my google identifier working fine, my password is also fine and my username.

but no matter how many times I try the authenticator coordinates, it keeps getting wrong coordinates, the worst thing is that they ask for a lot of data to be able to reset something that apparently does not validate their page, what can I do?

Excuse me, I use a translator.

The worst thing is that I don’t remember the last time I logged in, do you think that every time I log in I write down the time in a notebook? In addition, the IPs of the Internet provider are DHCP IPs, as I will be clear which IP I had the last time I managed to log in.

super complicated for an error that I don’t understand if it’s my fault.

however i should do, how hive os help me, it’s been more than 1 year and i am facing this problem now.

" To reset the 2FA password, send an email to [email protected]. In the letter, indicate the following information:

  • your login, name and email account in Hive OS
  • the number of workers and their names
  • wallet address from the “Wallets” section (the primary one, if you have several wallets)
  • the last IP address from which the account was logged in and the time of successful login

All fields are required.

If you do not know your external IP address, you can find it out at"

The process requires all the info to keep someone else from gaining access to an account that’s not theirs. The myip link seems to be broken at the moment, but you can use a site like to get that as well.