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234W at the socket with all mining stopped?

I noticed (with any card model) that with HiveOS the rigs still use significant power after I stop the miner software. Compared to NiceHash OS (also Linux), the power used is insignificant when mining stops, e.g NiceHash OS uses around 50W per rig at the socket.

For example with 8 very efficient cards (RX6600) while mining I use 590W at socket, and after stopping mining, I still use 234W at the socket.

HiveOS also shows 20W next to each card while they are stopped.
Why is that ?
I tried stopping the fans too, no effect (they don’t consume 20W anyway)
Also tried removing the flight sheet thinking the mining software might use the power, but no effect.

Any ideas ?
How is it for you ?

This is kind of important because whenever miners crash for some reason, they still continue to use power, so even if I earn nothing they use almost 40% of the power (234W or 590W).

Setup your watchdogs and tune your ocs so you don’t have crashes at all, or when you do the system auto reboots. Your system shouldn’t be sitting idle for it to matter imo.

Even with watchdog, sometimes it just shows it as offline and still using power.
Main problem is that it also uses power when rig is online and mining stopped. That doesn’t seem right.

If the computer crashes and locks up, then a software watchdog can’t do anything about that. If you can’t get your settings to where your rig isn’t crashing (you should be able to, 6600s are super stable) you can get a usb hardware watchdog or something similar to keep the rig from sitting idle after locking up.

The problem isn’t the rig crashing, I mentioned that as an example on what can happen.
The problem is HiveOS using 40% of electricity on fishy things that nobody seems to know about.
And I was also asking if it does the same for the rest of you, does it use 40% of power even when mining is stopped ?

Why is it sitting idle if it’s not crashing? Why is it fishy that is consumes power when it turned on?

Why do you pretend you don’t see the obvious problem ?
Anyone who worked with computers before knows it is NOT ok to consume 234W at idle, unless it is working something, e.g mining in background most probably (since I don’t get a better explanation).

you’re right, im ignoring the conspiracy theory lol. so it uses less power when its crashed and unplugged from the internet? surely you tested that to come to your conclusion?

fix the issue that’s causing the crash and you don’t have to worry about idle power consumption.

Again, the rig is NOT crashing, you keep trying to divert the simple question to some irrelevant long discussion.
234W at the socket is NOT ok if computer is not working.

I don’t follow

Any power consumption it too much if it is not mining, especially at current crypto valuations.

Maybe your time would be better invested in keeping your rig mining and having the capability to completely shut it down and restart it remotely when powered off.

fwiw: I am a fan of the old APC Smart PDUs.

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