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22 workers working but dashboard -Etherimine indicate only 8 actually mining results

new to mining having above issues please help not sure why ?



do all of your workers/miners have unique worker names?

Hey Keaton
yes each one is labelled box 1, box 2 , box 3 etc

saw on the support message from HIveos :

Hiveveryone! :wave:

:warning: Our services should be fully restored in the next couple of hours.

:closed_lock_with_key: If you face any authorization issues on iOS/Android, we recommend logging in to your account via your PC web browser instead. There’s an issue where you’re asked to log in (again) after a successful login attempt – we’re aware of this and will resolve it as soon as possible.

:construction: We recommend holding off on logging on to your account for a few hours until all systems are back to normal. We also advise not starting any work on your hardware during this period, as we cannot guarantee stable access to the system.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused and truly appreciate your understanding! :honeybee:

not sure if this has to do with my situation ?

are you running multiple miners on 1 rig? if so, does each miner have a unique worker name?

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