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2060 OC settings

Just sharing some knowledge.

I have 2 rigs running with 2060 (non Super) and the energy consumption per GPU was 125W.
After the HIVEOS update using the new functionality ‘Core Clock Lock support for Nvidia’, I was able to get avg. 32.5 Mhs (70W<>80W) from the 2060 with Samsung memory and 31.4Mhs (84W<>95W) from the 2060 with Micron memory.

Find the setting I used below;

please share!

edit note:

  1. The temp of all GPU’s dropped from 75C to 50C<>60C

  2. The micron memory seems unstable when pushing beyond 1700.


Thanks for sharing. But I don’t know why I cannot have the same setting for RTX2060, it will offline or power supply will drop to around 200W, please suggest, Many Thanks

Different models and different memory; it is really strange.
For the micron i memory now use core: 1100 and memory: 1700
You have 1050/1600 which is close to what u use.

Do try some other combinations.

Have you ever tried to lock the fan speed 80-95%?

Btw. Does not work with Fan watchdog, means you have to deactivate fan watchdog.

Will probably cool down your cardz

Thank you very much you save my card kapaxi man :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have a 2060 with Samsung memory - its running at a constant 32.86mh at 49c and using 84W is this about normal?

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Whats your oc setting and miner?
i cant go beyond 31 with gigabye 2060 samsung memory

I used same setting on gigabyte 2060 samsung it gives me 30.3 mh with phoenixminer
which miner did you use?

Core 1100
Memory 2200
Pl 125 (runs round 85)

Zotac memory - there is an ace thread somewhere on here with different settings

this setting only gives me 30.7 MH :frowning:
i know memory asic quality matters a lot and zotac makes high quality cards but the difference shouldnt be that much

I use Phoenix miner. Not sure if that makes a difference. I guess all cards are different

what is your ndvidia driver version?
im using 465.31
i also use phoenix but i tried trex and got same hashrate
i also tired different motherboards and got same results

Try nbminer, I like.

Guys, can someone share 2060 (non super) hynix memory OC settings. Please.

I looking for too.
You did it?

i am getting 31.54 mh/s @ 1100 cc 2400 MC and 125 PL.
i dont think these are the best. atleast the power draw can be improved.

2060 Gigabyte with memory Micron.
Miner T-REX

I am getting too, but I guess hynix can get 33 mh/s on hive os.

but how? i have hynix cards as well. any one with the OC settings for Hynix 2060 cards?


Im new to mining.
Started about two months ago. Hard to find any GPU’s tock what I could get.
So I started with eight brand new 2060s that I managed to obtain.
Was looking to find if I could squeeze out some more MHs, without ruining the cards.
Looks like I pretty much got the best out of them already. (Was hoping for another MHs.)
So I figured I might share my settings to help others.

In my experience: (If you disagree, please ignore my rant.)
Use absolute core clock, NO offset. Offset hits power limiter. Absolute, takes as much power as it needs, no more.
Do not go higher than nececery on core, only burns more power.
Remember, that mem goes about +30c over GPU. (GPU is the only temp you se.) so keep your temp low.

My 2060 settings.