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2060 12GB fan error when mining, please help?

I am having issues with the new 2060 12GB after about a couple hours in Hive OS it starts showing a fan error but still shows hashrate, and fans still running. I would like to solve this issue with the fan error.

Below are my over clock settings, I am getting 37 Mh/s but like I said after 8hours it showing fan error.
I am using Nvidia Driver 510.39.01. Before updating to this driver the GPU was showing up with a weird name.

Should I try downgrading?

Fan speed 80%

Core Clock 1095

Memory Clock 3200

PL 125

reduce the memory clock and reboot. repeat until stable

I have one 2060 12GB so far that seems it staying stable for 12 hours, hasn’t crashed yet. Will check back in when it’s ran for over 24 hours

– Stable 2060 12GB
GeForce RTX 2060 12288 MB · ASUS Micron GDDR6 90.06.6A.00.6B
OC Settings:
Fan speed 80% / Core Clock 1095 / Memory Clock 3000 / PL 125
Hashrate: 37.25 Mh/s

–Unstable 2060 12GB
GeForce RTX 2060 12288 MB · ASUS Micron GDDR6 90.06.6A.00.6B
OC Settings:
Fan speed 80% / Core Clock 1095 / Memory Clock 2600 / PL 125
Hashrate: 36.25 Mh/s

Now my 2nd 2060 12GB I still can’t seem to get it to stay stable it would get the fan error faster.
I started off with the same over clock settings, and reduced the memory clock to 2700 and it is still unstable getting the error with quickness.

Should I continue to only lower memory clock or any other suggestions?
I was hoping to achieve same 37 Mh/s

Try Core: 1080 ; MEM: 2800 ; PL: 125 ; Fan 70%, with Gminer 36.75 Mh/s

continue reducing memory clock until it stops crashing the driver (showing 0% fan)

Hi, i have 12 of them, but can’t put a good OC for ETH + TON, u tried dual mining?

Nice that you got 12 of them.

Overclock varies on them, for dual mining ETH + TON
Try these settings and tweak from there.

Fan Speed % 80 / Core Clock 1600 / Mem Clock 2700 / PL 140

Fan Speed % 80 / Core Clock 1400 / Mem Clock 2500 / PL 120

already tried some oc’s but nothing stable… with Lolminer 1.44 have 25-29mhs ETH + 950hs in TON
with lolminer 1.43 have 34-35mhs eth + 500mhs in TON… but other time same that 1.44
Is it profitable to increase 30-50w more to mine toncoin?

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It’s profitable just not 100% sure if it’s worth the increase in electric bill and stress on the cards being hotter.

I am going to keep at it though for now.

can show the oc in picture?

Hello, here is some info about my settings with this new RTX 2060 12GB GPU cards :
I am using lolminer and autofan at 80% minimum for Dual mining ETH + TON. So i don’t use power limit !

HiveOS is stil showing them as “Device” 1f03" but those overclock settings are working very well for me and very stable.

update your driver to one that fully supports your card and it will show properly

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