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2060 12GB Dual Mining ETH+TON

Hi, I’m trying to mine eth + ton but I can’t get a stable oc, any ideas?

Use the same memory and core clock that you would use for eth alone. Up the core clock if you want more ton hashrate.

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if i put same OC for ETH , 23mhs in ETH and 700mhs in TON

this with Single mining


remove power limit as well as well

with no limit in dual mining up to 180w

Even with 1100 core?

any suggestion?

2060 6gb gave 900-1000mhs in ton and this 500-700mhs…

your power limit is holding them back, use the core clock to limit power if needed

now better, but always not stable

Good Hashrates, I can’t get my Asus Tuf over 36Mh even if has

  • Core/Memorytact: 1.680 (Boost 1.710) MHz/ 14.000 MHz (336 GB/s)
    as opposed to Zotac
  • Core/Memorytact: 1.410 (Boost 1.650) MHz/ 14.000 MHz (336 GB/s)
    But probably for Flux mining Asus should be better for ETH same, as it looks that memory is the same Micron

boost clocks dont matter unless youre not running OCs at all

I am using overclocking, Now I managed to push it to 36MH with core of 1100 and MemClock to 2700 it runs stable now. Before when I was pushing over 2400 MemClock it would reboot.

36MH in dual mining?

New OC

Yes, but with ALPH not TON, before I couldn’t get over 35MH even with single mining.

if any of you is struggling with the EVGA 12gb model, flash the asus bios ending in 6B. my evga with stock bios wasnt passing 30 mhs. Tested some other brands bios, and the asus one sky rocketed it to 35/37

new Stable OC ETH+TON

any news?

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