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2000w PSU

I am using this Chinese made 2000w PSU on my rig
I have 11 GPU on my btcs37 and drawing less 1000w, but I am just using 1 PSU with 4 splitter, is that safe to do it this way?

Depends on the gauge of the psu cable and the splitter aswell as how many GPU’s you run per strand and power draw of each GPU.

To me using “JULONGFENGBAO” is not safe at all.
Many users on Bitcointalk complain with such PSU about inability of deliver the power it says.
Expect more TRUE 1000W out of it.
( I suppose those cable are AWG16 )

AWG18 is rated for 60W @ 12V, 3x on a PCIE cable should mean 180W
AWG16 is rated for 85W @ 12V, 3x on a PCIE cable should mean 255W


PCIE 8pins connector are rated 150W max, while PCIE 6pins connector are rated 75W max ( 100W if 3 pins wired on + )
Confort zone ( without softening wires or making connectors melt ) is 100W / PCIE connector, 24h/7d

I higly suggest not spliting cables. ( Or downclock/volt your GPU highly )

Else case you can try this at your own risks.
If something should melt or cause a short circuit, connectors are responsible for it 99% of the time.

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