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+200% Hash rate rx 570 eth 62 Mh/s W-Well, what's that?

+200% Hash rate rx 570 eth 62 Mh/s W-Well, what’s that?

62 Hashrate for 570? How’s that even possible?

??? what do you mean 62 ?? 391mhs / 12 gpu = 32mhs

Как видно на снимках с экрана внезапно поднялся хеш рейт одной видеокарты. Так же видно увеличение скорости на Пуле. Мы раньше фиксировали увеличение производительности отдельных видеокарт на +200 +300% но на платформе Windows.

Hello Friend!
This is not the first time we fix such an increase in the performance of AMD video cards but for the first time on the HiveOS platform.

No, not 32 mh/s
one of the graphics cards went crazy. all video cards with this overclock show 30 mh/s everything was stable. one fine day the video card crazily began to mine 62.5 mh/s