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2 X NEW MOTHERBOARDS (Asrock H510 + Biostar TB360 Pro 2)

Hi everyone I’m new in here but really need a little help I’m gently loosing control…Bought 2 X New board Biostar TB360 Pro 2.0 and Asrock H510 Pro btc+. I have same trouble with both motherboards…I set up CPU in Asrock & Biostar boards, trying to switch on but nothing 's happening even Cpu fans do not work…
Exactly same situation with Biostar (I checked both Cpu added are right generation) but cant find solution to enable booth motherboards (add DDR4 2133-2400)
Someone might have a solution to take me out this (Trouble) :slight_smile: Thanks in advance…

So both mobo have correct cpu generation installed, with correct (matching) ram for that generation of mobo/cpu, correct? You have the cpu’s installed correctly, in correct orientation? Your cpu fan is correctly installed and power cord is correctly plugged in to right spot on mobo?

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