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2 x 1060 and 3 x 1070 power consumption


I have these cards:
2 x 1060 and 3 x 1070, all of them are Asus Strix OC.

My question, is NZXT 850w GOLD(I have this) enough for this, or I need something more.


I think you just OK. Thats the limit. Don’t add more card. Why? 'Couse

180W (2x1060) + 380W (3x1070) + 100 W (other things like mother, ram, etc) = TOTAL POWER 660 W

This example is using my owns cards (it’s depends on yours settings)
Check it using a wattmeter !! (Never trust system data)

These are the maths that I do when I have to assamble a rig. I’m not a electrical technician… only one more miner LOL !

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