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2 Rigs in one Farmen suddenly offline?

Hi folks, I have a farm with 5 rigs, 4 of them go to one wallet, one rig to another. All mines on hivepool. This afternoon, for no apparent reason (power supply okay, network okay, rigs okay, 2 just went offline. The funny thing is, there was no technical defect.

The farm balance is at $ 23 and I’ve activated paid features on all of them, all 5 rigs together have been completely stable for the last 3 weeks since I have 5 rigs …

The one thing I noticed is that I went from 4,669 rigs to 5.

I also have charge on hivepool disabled.

Can that have anything to do with the pay?

When I reboot the rigs, we’ll see them briefly.

thanks in advance

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