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2 rig produced more shares than when combined

I had a 3060 TI setup on a test Rig for awhile then moved it over to my normal rig as the 7th card and now I’m getting less shares. Anyone know why? Running Gminer 4 GPUs (x3 3070s, x1 3060TI) and Teamredminer 3 GPUs (x3 5700 XTs)

more difficulty = less shares

Difficulty inceases according to hashrate.

That makes since but my profit is down as well for some reason. With separate rigs I was consistently at $29-$30 a day for over 2 days now I’m at $26 consistently. I’m only sitting at 12hrs up time since the merge but it has me a little worried. Using Hive Ver. 0.6-208@210818 stales are not bad at 1.13%

Just wait a couple of days to stabilize.

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