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2 Rig, good performance?

Hello community, welcome bro! I want ask for my 2 rigs. Is good performance for both with those cards ?
1 rig: 6x3060ti lhr + 1x1060 without lhr. This rig is very stable, 2 week+ stability without reset.

2 rig: 1x3060ti lhr + 2x 1660super no lhr + RTX 3060 lhr + rtx 2060 no lhr + rtx 3070 no lhr. This rig got stability issue, dont know where is a problem, error: gpu driver error, no temps. Sometime i see drop wat on 3 card(1660s) from 80 wat to 0. Trying everything and can’t make it stable. Sometime reset in 1-2h sometime 1 day…

Show the overclocks and I can let you know if there’s anything that looks off

With this rig is a problem with stability.

switch to cocked core values on all cards, if rejects show reduce memory clock and reboot each time

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