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2 psu on one rig - adapter/wiring


about powering mining rig with two seperate psu’s.

I know people are using adapters to hook up second psu, like this one

Out of curiosity, i have been reading about this setup and optional diy wiring of psu’s.

There is some interesting info about “grounding loop” and other isues that may arrive when one mb have 2 psu connected to it. I understand that the adapter only sends signal to boot allso the second psu at the same time and additional power from 2. psu is used to power gpu’s/risers or what ever components… These gpu’s are connected to mb that is powered with 1.psu, so is there any possibility that there will be some kind of “conflict” with psu’s power management due the possible flow of current “the wrong way around”, what iv been reading there is possibility that earthing of components may “confuse” psu’s and cause earthing loop. It is even mentioned that its adviceble to hook up both psu’s to same socet on the wall… or same output source anyways, like same socet with two outputs so they share same ground wire.
Is it possible just use “paperclip” method in 2. psu

and just flip the 2. psu power switch at the same time when powering up the main psu from mb or from switch?.. imho i dont think so? or… solder the signal and ground with jumper wires to the corresponding wires on the 1. psu that is powering the mb? it might b that this dosn’t make any sence :rofl:, i dont have any kind of higher knowledge about pc components or electricity in General… Just curious about the subject after i saw a picture of melted psu adapter :sweat_smile: If someone actually understand this stuff, can you please elborate a bit the whole setup with 2 psu’s and possible issues related to it. thanks. btw, i belive that im gonna connect my 2 psu’s with psu adapter and use the second one for powering gpu’s and risers, like every body i quess… edit…i have one rig riunning with one psu and i think im on the limits with that one output power, atm im almost done with 2. rig build and there is more gpus and more demand of wattage, so im gonna use two psu´s.

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I am no where close to an expert, however I have used the PSU adapter with no problems for the last few years. I would recommend to have both PSUs connected to same outlet, not for grounding purposes, but in case you blow your fuse, that way you do not have a situation where one PSU has power and the other is without power. Thanks to the adapter both PSU turn on/off at the same time. I always turn on the PSU that is not powering the MB first and then the one powering the MB. If you do the opposite you will have part of your rig running partially without power - not recommended.

Make sure you buy good quality adapter with proper gauge wires, otherwise the melting may happen.

I have MB, SSD connected to the same PSU. That way if it goes down the system will go down.

As I said I am no expert on this.

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