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2 miners to same pool , HELP! T.T

i want to use my 4 amd gpus on teamredminer and nvidia gpu’s on t-rex or phenix miner
and my pool is nanopool

help me plez

on the flight sheet add a second miner.

i did add a second miner to the flight sheet and am using nanopool
–>trex miner (for nvidia cards)
–>red miner (for and cards)
i can see the total hash rate in hive os
but reported hashrate of the nano pool is either t-rex miner hashrate or redminer hashrate
not the combined hashrate

same wallet?

I just created a topic asking the same question for the same problem, but I figured out how to solve it. Just use a different name for the second miner’s worker. Ex TRM —> WALLET.worker1a; T-Rex -----> WALLET.worker1b. The pool see all now.
You’re welcome.

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Can you add screenshot where? I tried it, but no effect.
Thank you.

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