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2 Miners per Rig showing false data in hiveos pool

Hello, im running AMD and NVIDIA on two separate rigs. For my NVIDIA GPUs I use T-Rex miner and for my AMD GPUs I use TeamRedMiner. So on every Rig I have to different miners running because of the performance boosts of both miners.

Everything works great so far, but when I look into hiveospool to see the data, I only see the TeamRedMiner Stats. I think the problem here is, that both miners use the same %WORKER_NAME% and if I change them manually I can clealy see the data but I’m afraid, that in this case I have to pay for hiveos extra money because it seems like I have 4 workers instead of 2 workers.

So is there a extra option for identifing the miners/GPUs/workers in the hiveospool statistics?

You pay for HiveOS if you have more than 4 computers running HiveOS. No matter how many GPUs on them nor how many different miners in parallel.

its two computers but both computers run 2 miners each for amd cards and nvidia cards.

Doesn’t matter. One computer is one HiveOS installation. And it has single RIG ID by which it is registering on Hive Dashboard. And that is what is counted for.

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