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2 identical 5700 cards, 1 with strange fluctuations in mhash

I have 2 ASUS 5700 (non XT) cards with same Bios and same speed and voltage settings. sometimes after reboot one of the cards fluctuates around 51 - 53 mhash. sometimes it´s rock-stable at 53.5. the other card is always at 53.35 and goes from 53.30 to 53.40, so it´s range is very small. but the range of the other card is not stable. after every reboot I get other values :frowning: and they go up and down too…

any idea? I tried to raise voltage, but no effect. reflashing bios, no effect. so why is it sometimes high and stable and sometimes little lower and fluctuating?

Do you have a monitor plugged in to it?
If so remove it and check again.

Which memory/core temperature?
When 104C for memory or ~70C for core reached than GPU start throttling

no monitor at all, mem 78C core 48
atm it runs like a charm…but today I want to test driver update and I think I need to reboot several times until its stable again :frowning:

I raised core voltage from 750 to 755…last few bootups went fine…but that cant be the reason…cards are mining stable down to 720 mvolt core voltage…hmm…I´m still testing…

what is the actual value at the card?
If you type amd-info it should give you the actual value.
I have found that when specifying 775mv in the OC settings that the actual volatge is 750mv reported by amd-info

Both cards are 100 % identical, Bios, settings…everything except core voltage (740 vs 760) is the same. when I boot 4 times, then 3 times I have lower mhash at GPU0 and it goes up and down ± 3 mhash from 43 to 50 around. the 4th time it´s stable as GPU1 at 53.5 mhash for several days…

after some reboot attempts it looks like:

I could solve the problem with rising core voltage by 20 mV. Card was stable, but now with higher core voltage it comes up correctly after reboot every time. For the other card I can stay at low voltage…it´s only GPU0 ?!?..

solved…thx guys for your help

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