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2 forks of lolminer? or other options?

Hi there! I have a rig with multiple cards.
RTX 3080 + RX5700XT + GTX1650s.
I want to mine ETH+TON on the RTX and RX, and ETC+TON on the GTX.
The ETH+TON can be done with lolminer. My problem is, how to make it happend the ETC+TON on the GTX, all on the same rig…
TRex o any other miner for nvidia, cant do dual mining.
I´m trying to use some lolminer fork, but so far, no dice… Any help?

running two instances of the same miner isnt officially supported, but you could add one as a custom miner and run a second instance.

I looked at this some months ago, since t-rex was one of the few miners that did multiple dual mining (eth+rvn, eth+firo?, etc. [not the coin lol])

Doing custom mining didn’t work well for me, but might become more important after eth 2.

Maybe it could be something that could be added to the roadmap for hive?

There are no plans to support multiple instances of the same miner, it’s not terribly hard to create custom though.

keaton, thanks

Maybe I was much more of a noob back then but, had a hard time getting it to work. Doubt, I’m the only newbie wanting to do this lol

Maybe something to keep in the idea pad for the future

It’s been discussed and the cons outweigh the pros for average users. Advanced users should have no trouble with adding a custom miner if wanted

Made it happen! Thanks!
The name should be leaved as lolminer.
The Install Url
Then, the dualmine should be configured as in command line…
Thanks to all!

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